Location: Paris (France)
Architects: www.edouardfrancois.com
Year: 2016


  • Label BBC- Plan Climat de la Ville de Paris

Building description

Benefitting from an exemption to the 37-metre height restriction in Paris, the architects’ team created a 16-storey tower rising to 50 meters, located on the southern bank of the river Seine.

The building has a double-layer facade. The outer layer is made up of stainless steel netting on which climbing plants grow, so that when the wind blows their seeds will be spread across the city. Thus, the tower is a tool for seeding the urban environment of the Paris area. Far from being an exploit or  a provocation, the height here allows to reach a primordial aspiration for the urban environment: the biodiversity.

The revegetation strategy will take place in three stages: in the short term with fast-growing vines, then at 5 to 10 years with coniferous trees and finally at 20 years with slow-growing oak trees.

Behind the green netting, the inner facade is covered in recyclable green titanium panels that shimmer when the sun hits it.

The inside of the block is like an extension of the green facade. We walk in a protected garden, like out of town, between shrubs and heather carpets.


© Pierre L’Excellent


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