Location: Beaupréau (France)
Architect: Epicuria Architectes
Year: 2015


  • Green Building Solutions Awards (2016)

Project description

This school project was developed in a virgin area without any construction, facing the city of Beaupréau. The architectural approach is based on the desire to value the nature and identity of the site. The buildings, in the shape of a chromosome, follow the morphology of the ground and are staged in bands along an east-west axis so that the whole complex enjoys the best possible sunshine. A glazed “interior street”, the backbone of the complex, acts as a bioclimatic space, capturing heat and light to better diffuse them in the interior spaces.

The materials were chosen in the same spirit: integration into the site through the use of natural resources. Larch was chosen for the facade for its ability to harmonise with other materials and to fit naturally into the landscape, but also for its mechanical properties and good outdoor durability. Wood is also very present in the interior fittings here it brings a natural colour and warmth that contributes to the feeling of comfort and conviviality.

The project shows a particularly ambitious environmental approach. Thanks to its compactness and bioclimatic design, the building is energy-positive. Many innovative, passive and active solutions were implemented: earth-to-air heat exchanger, heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, green roofs, LED lighting, rainwater recovery feeding the sanitary facilities, etc.



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