Location: Munich (Germany)
Architects: ARGE bogevischs buero architekten & stadtplaner Gmbh mit SHAG Schindler Hable Architekten GbR
Year: 2015


  • Deutsche Akademie fur Stadtbau und Landesplannung- Deutscher Stadtbaupreis 

Building description

This housing project is located on a former military site in the north of Munich, which served until 2010 a large artists’ colony for temporary use. The WagnisART was developed and designed jointly with the later inhabitants as part of an urban development project.

The complex consists of a continuum of courtyards and five freestanding buildings, which host about 200 residents in 138 apartments. Shared spaces and facilities are available on the ground floor for residents and the neighborhood, including a large event room, a restaurant supported by a local social cooperative, workshop spaces, offices, guest apartments, a laundry room.

The different buildings are connected to each other via bridges, creating the impression of a roof garden landscape. Shared terraces and roof gardens foster the sense of community and ownership.

The WagnisART housing complex is Passive House certified. Despite the complex building geometry, a very good compactness value was achieved. Photovoltaic systems placed on the roof of three houses produce electricity that is fed into the local electricity grid. A mobility plan has made it possible to reduce the parking space and contributed to the sustainability of the project.

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