Location: Komlo (Hungary)
: Prof Dr Habil Istvan Kistelegdi DLA
Year: 2012


  • Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction (2011)
  • Artifex Kiadó - Csarnok Nagydíj (2013)
  • Novofer Alapítvány - Rehau Regionális Projektverseny (2013)
  • REHAU Forgalmazó Kft - Gábor Dénes Award (2015)

Building description

This plastics processing and manufacturing plant is the first facility in Hungary designed and engineered with an innovative method (“Energydesign IDP, and DBS-method»), which synthesises and lays the foundation stones of a holistic planning process between architects and engineers.

The whole building’s spatial room organisation is based on a so-called “climate zoning”: rooms are bundled into climate zones, which are organised in horizontal and vertical way in a special order, ensuring best orientation, natural ventilation and day lighting.

The building produces yearly about 10% more electricity than it needs, thanks to the implementation of innovative technologies: geothermal heat pump heating-cooling, PV panels, thermal solar collectors, and a one kilometer long soil-air heat exchanger.

Measurement systems allows for the accurate measuring and control of the building indoor climate environment (CO2 levels, temperature).

The ventilation strategy in the building brings one of a kind solution: on the roof, three towers equipped with special wind velocity accelerator disc-structures, called ‘Venturi’, generate airflow that naturally renew and cool the softly contaminated air of the central production hall.

Ákos Mátételki, The Greypixel Workshop Kft. (Ltd.)


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