Location: Kirchberg (Luxembourg)
Architect: M3 Architectes
Year: 2016


  • HQE Sustainable Building awards (2017)

Building description

With the aim of bringing together most of the employees of the BNP Paribas group in Luxembourg on one site, two new office buildings were built in Kirchberg: one   of 6 floors (called eKinox), the other one of 15 floors (called oKsigen), both resting on a two-storey base with connections to the existing Kronosbuilding. This base integrates all the common functions, namely: a reception space, several visitors lounges, a training centre, an auditorium, a fitness centre, several catering spaces, a «fun» zone and a crèche. On the 14th and 15th floors are also a space and a panoramic terrace offering a breathtaking view on the city of Luxembourg.

The oKsigenand eKinoxbuildings, although distinct, communicate with each other through the base that supports them and the footbridges that connect them. These footbridges, almost entirely glazed, mark a pause between two worlds, a peaceful opening on the green spaces arranged below.

Special attention was paid to the sustainability of the project. The concrete was prepared with low-carbon cement (type CEM III). All insulation products have been manufactured from ISO14001 certified factories. All office partitions and ceilings are made of steel panels that can be easily reused or recycled. Most of the exterior glass used for windows has been produced in factories based in Luxembourg. The façade is composed of stone and concrete panels that are easy to disassemble. The building lighting is 100% LED.

Much attention has been paid to water treatment processes. Most of the treated water needs are met by «reverse osmosis» water, which significantly reduces the need for chemicals. The mineralised portion of the osmosis process is recovered for use in flushing. Rainwater is also collected and used to water green spaces and for toilets

Christof Weber / BGL BNP Paribas

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