This section aims to provide European architects with a wide range of information to help them access European and international markets.

You will find information on market access, business support, research programmes, legislation and international agreements, as well as a bibliography on the internationalisation of SMEs and architectural services.

Insights from ACE Sector Study 

With the globalisation of the economy and technological progress, architectural firms now have greater opportunities to collaborate and work on projects across borders, within the European Union and globally.

The 2022 ACE Sector Study reveals that fewer than 3% of European architects' revenues come from work undertaken outside Europe. 7%  of practices are involved in international work, most of whom undertake jobs in other parts of Europe. In 2022, 5% of European architects worked in another EU Member State and 2% outside the EU.

The study also reveals that over the past year, 16% of respondents had seriously considered working in another EU Member State and 6% outside Europe, without however taking action. Moreover, an increasing number of architects are trained in countries other than their own, showing a genuine interest and growing capacity of the profession to move across borders. 

Therefore, there is every reason to believe that the potential for further internationalisation of the profession is strong, provided that professionals can find adequate support.

Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network
helps businesses innovate and grow on an international scale. It is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions. The website features partnering opportunities and local contact points.

Overwiew of EU instruments contributing the to the internationalisation of the European Businesses (not only architecture)

The goal of this overview is to facilitate access to information relevant for the European Union (EU) stakeholders pursuing business internationalisation on available funding EU instruments (both direct and indirect). The overview is a result of the joint effort of several European Commission services. The list includes regional and bilateral specific instruments which can help EU businesses in their goal of internationalisation.

All Things Urban
All Things Urban is the largest community-based career platform for urban professionals working on city challenges worldwide. We share handpicked career and educational opportunities in areas of urban planning, studies and design and connect thousands of passionate urban professionals to real-world projects. OUR MISSION  Our mission is to build an international community of those who care about the cities we live in and help them grow together professionally, exchange best practices, and transform urbanism into a fair, respectful, open, and decently paid field.  We want to make it easier for talents to find interesting jobs, exciting projects, and like-minded people and for hiring companies - to access an active community of potential employees, consultants, and collaborators.

EU markets

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Why Work with European Architects?

The ACE Internationalisation & New Business Models (IBM) Task Force produced a brochure to highlight the main reasons for working with European Architects.







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